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A fireplace remodel
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Your home deserves to be cozy inside, especially when it’s nasty outside. A fireplace remodel can be just the thing to turn your living room or den into a pleasant, warm oasis. Our team will work with you and your design vision by helping you choose the right material for your project. Sacramento isn’t known for its harsh winter conditions, but that doesn’t mean our fireplaces should be slacking! A fireplace remodel is a unique way to express your creativity and incorporate design elements that fit well with your living space. Whatever the case may be, we ensure that your results with VL Tile will truly be breathtaking!

Fireplace Remodel Makes Every Night Better
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Our team at VL Tile has almost two decades of experience updating outdated fireplaces or installing new ones. We’re comfortable working with a wide range of materials such as tile, marble, granite, brick, and stone. We can place the veneer over a preexisting fireplace structure or perform a complete overhaul. A Sacramento fireplace remodel is a unique opportunity to elevate your living space. Whatever design you choose is guaranteed to fit your budget and aesthetic. Ignite your fireplace renovation project with VL Tile today!

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  • flawless fittings
  • modern style
  • sleek finish

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Fireplace Remodel Spotlight


Project Spotlight

Specialty Tile Type Backsplash, Roseville, CA

White stone backsplash. Dark warm hearth.

Our project for this house in Roseville, CA became the centerpiece of this client’s home, brightening up their living room and brining the space to life!

Working together, we brought a vision to life that accentuated the rest of their home and told a story of how their house should look and feel for visitors and tenants alike.

Read the full story about this portfolio project spotlight here!

Francesca from Sacramento, CA

Don’t hesitate,


So glad I did! Tile work was done with such great detail. Vitali and John were so professional, on time, explained each step and did a great job cleaning up after work was completed.

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