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Floors are a lot like roofs; we only really notice them once something is wrong. Nonetheless, flooring has a major impact on the look and feel of your home. If your flooring is outdated or has wear-and-tear, it can negatively affect the appearance of your space as well as tank your mood when you walk in the house. Old floors can also become more challenging to clean and maintain over time. If your floor is fresh and new, your living space immediately feels more comfortable and delightful. Unless your flooring installation happened to be a little short of perfect, in which case your mood is definitely tanking again.

Having installed tile floors for close to two decades, we know all too well how a poorly installed floor can lead to future frustrations. It only takes one inexperienced installer to ruin thousands of dollars worth of material and waste loads of your time and patience. Bypass the headaches with the tried and true and let experience speak for itself. The flooring installation experts at VL Tile are here to elevate your house to the next level!

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Our team knows flooring like we’ve been walking on them our whole lives. We understand the importance of beautiful floors in your home and we want to help you set the correct foundation. Your flooring remodel impacts your home for decades, so it is important to find someone to help you pick out the best material and install it with a sense of purpose and permanence. Once you’ve settled on a flooring type, we’ll get right to work. 

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I found Vitali on Instagram and reached out once my master bathroom was ready to be tiled. I actually reached out to several tiling companies but Vitali was the only one that was reliable, honest, and professional. Vitali came out and gave us a quote and confidence that he could get the job done and done right.

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