To List or Not to List, That’s the Dilemma

Your Folsom home stands as a testament to your hard work, but like many, you might find yourself pondering after several years: “Should I list or hold onto it?” We don’t claim to have all the answers. But when it’s about homes, we’re always tuned in. Folsom, CA is rapidly making its mark on the US market scene. You might have weighed the benefits of remodeling versus selling and it’s a great facet to explore. We’re inclined to think that performing a professional Folsom kitchen remodel or Folsom bathroom remodel could benefit you more in the long run than selling your property now. Check out these 5 considerations for whether you should sell or remodel your Folsom home.

1. Research Your Local Market

Redfin suggests that the average sale price for a Folsom residence decreased by 2% from the previous year. Sales volume also dropped by 18.9%. This indicates a weaker demand for Folsom homes as compared to earlier years. The current average Folsom home doesn’t promise the returns one might have seen in 2022. Therefore, our perceptions lean towards holding off on selling until market conditions improve.

2. Review the Mortgage Rates

Per Mortgage Reports, mortgage interest rates are at an unprecedented high. The prevailing 30-year mortgage rate hovers between 7-8%, a sharp rise from the 3-4% in January 2022. Even if Folsom property listing prices have dipped, the accumulated costs for a prospective buyer would exceed last year’s figures due to these rates. The present pricing combined with steep interest rates seems to deter the typical Folsom home shopper. This scenario is likely to persist until the interest rates stabilize.

3. Evaluate Your Goals

Everyone has unique reasons for relocating. It could be the quest for a more spacious living space or an entire change of scenery. Whatever drives you, it’s crucial to evaluate your options. If you’re committed to staying put in Folsom without thoughts of moving elsewhere, consider the financial benefit of remodeling your Folsom home. Kitchens and bathrooms are the the most utilized rooms in your home. Upgrading these spaces can transform your whole living experience. And if it’s been years since these rooms saw any changes, a modern overhaul can indeed be refreshing.

A comprehensive makeover might cost between $10-50k. Yet, when stacked against buying a new property, the numbers are significantly smaller than hundreds of thousands of dollars. For those resolved to remain in Folsom but considering selling in the future, remodeling your Folsom home would be a viable option. When the time is ripe, your refurbished home would carry a much more appealing price than if left untouched.

4. Seek out a Professional Folsom Remodeler

Who you decide to go with to perform your Folsom kitchen remodel or your Folsom bathroom remodel will determine your satisfaction for years to come. To pick the right professional Folsom contractor, look for:

  • Online Feedback & Client Reviews. Is the clientele generally pleased? Any glaring red flags?
  • Online Portfolio. Can you gauge the quality from their past projects, or is it conspicuously absent?
  • Communication Skills. Do they communicate in a timely and personable fashion? Or do you feel like you’re just another number to them?
  • Detail-focused Consultants. When the company representative assesses your project, do they genuinely grasp your needs or merely go through the motions?
  • Solid First Impressions. If they’ve invested in their digital presence and branding, it hints at their dedication and passion to their craft. What’s your first impression?

Hiring a Folsom remodeling expert who offers a seamless Folsom renovation is no easy task. Yet, focusing on these five simple things can get you well on your path to finding the right team for your Folsom remodel.

5.  Finalize Your Decision

After assessing your objectives when it comes to selling or remodeling, all that’s left is to collaborate with the specialists at VL Tile. Recognized as one of Folsom’s leading tile installers, our team has renovated numerous local residences. With VL Tile, you’re sure to get competitive rates, extreme attention to detail, and an unbridled zeal for perfection. We’re here to help you attain both short-term and long-term objectives with a professional kitchen remodel, bathroom remodel, or floor installation that offers you both beauty and practicality.

According to World Population Review, Folsom has grown 6.75% since 2020 . Such stats bode well for those aiming to get a premium for their Folsom property in the future. Given the trends, the demand for Folsom residences will continue to nudge prices upwards. So, if you’re on the fence about listing your property and are set on remaining in Folsom, teaming up with VL Tile for a renovation seems like a wise move. Not only does it refresh your surroundings, but it’s also a sound investment strategy for the future.

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