Here are 10 steps to get you started on designing your ideal Sacramento bathroom.

Are you dreaming of a bathroom that’s luxurious, functional, and stylish? Whether you’re renovating your current space or starting completely from scratch, designing a dream bathroom is an exciting project. That being said, it can also create plenty of stress and anxiety – particularly if you’re on a timeline or budget. With the help of VL Tile, however, anyone can turn their master bath into the retreat they’ve always wanted. Here at our Sacramento based bathroom remodeling company we specialize in turning design ideas into reality for our customers — no matter the scope of work. Read ahead to learn how to make your dream bathroom come true!

1. Consider the Functionality

Although we are quick to surf the web for the latest trends and designs, first we must ask ourselves the following questions: How many people will use the new bathroom? Are there any special requirements that must be considered? These questions will help determine the new layout and arrangement of fixtures that will best suit your needs.

2. Assess the Layout

Are there any floorplan changes that need to occur in order to get the most out of your space? Consider the positions of the key elements such as the toilet, shower, bathtub, and vanities. Does the bathroom feel too restrictive? If so, taking out a wall might be just the thing to improve your layout, and give it a more open feel.

3. Think about Storage

Exploring storage options is crucial when thinking about where you’re going to keep your bathroom amenities. Decide on the type of vanities that will best suit your needs. Consider the number of sinks you require, the countertop space, and the various storage options. Incorporating the appropriate storage solutions is crucial for keeping your new bathroom organized, clean, and clutter-free.

4. Focus on Fixtures & Fittings

Your desired aesthetic and functional preferences are going to be primarily defined by the kinds of fixtures and fittings you select. This includes faucets, showerheads, toilet, bathtub, and lighting fixtures. Consider factors like colors, material, water efficiency, ease of cleaning, and durability when making your selections.

5. Deliberate on Materials & Finishes

Select materials and finishes that complement your desired Sacramento bathroom renovation. Of course, we should consider factors such as durability and aesthetic, but most importantly we should investigate the materials that are the best options for cleaning, moisture-resistance, and ease of upkeep. Popular options include ceramic or porcelain tiles for flooring and showers, stone or quartz countertops, and water-resistant paints.

6. Look at Lighting

Pay close attention to the current lighting situation in your current bathroom. Is it too harsh, or too dim? Is it too warm or cool toned? When renovating your Sacramento bathroom, incorporate a mix of ambient, task, and accent lighting to create a well-lit and comfortable space. Utilizing dimmers provides flexibility and ambience, while natural light sources such as windows or skylights can enhance your overall atmosphere. Installing backlights on mirrors can also be a unique way to enhance your ambience.

7. Consider the Ventilation

Poorly ventilated bathrooms can be humidity traps which can lead to growth of mold, pungent smells, and other non-pleasing experiences. Proper ventilation is crucial in preventing moisture buildup and brand-new bathroom buyers’ remorse. Ensure your design includes proper ventilation systems such as exhaust fans or windows so that your new bathroom remodel smell doesn’t vanish after one use.

8. Assess Your Accessibility

If you have specific accessibility needs, consider incorporating features such as grab bars, a roll-in shower, a walk-in tub, or a raised toilet seat. Universal design principles can transform your bathroom into a more inclusive and functional room for everyone.

9. Personalize Your Space

Chances are you won’t want to renovate your bathroom again within 10-15 years of your remodel. Adding personal touches that reflect your style will create a welcoming atmosphere that will help you enjoy your new Sacramento bathroom for years to come. Personal touches can include decorative elements such as artwork, plants, or accessories that tie your new bathroom design together and make the space feel like your own.

10. Decide on Your Budget

Last, but certainly not least you’ll want to ask yourself, “how much am I comfortable spending on a Sacramento bathroom remodel?” Determining your budget early in the planning process will help guide your choices and priorities. Consider researching the cost of materials and fixtures to make sure that your desired selections align with your budgetary constraints.

Designing your dream bathroom can be daunting if you try it alone. Working with a professional bathroom designer or contractor can greatly assist you throughout the entire remodeling process, and help you feel more comfortable. At VL Tile, our staff specializes in providing you with valuable insights, help with material selections, and a seamless remodeling process to ensure your dream bathroom becomes a reality.