ADA Bathroom Remodel

Moonstone Flower Marble Tile Design

Rocklin, CA

Square Footage


Project Length

2 Weeks

Total Cost

$10,000 - $20,000

Project Description

This Moonstone Flower Marble Tile Design ADA Bathroom Remodel is done for a guest that stays over and has a hard time getting into the tub. Our goal was to convert the tub shower combo into a walk in shower. Head over to our page of testimonials is a great place to hear our clients feedback..

While talking with our client and discussing our options for the ADA bathroom remodel, we always make sure that all of the needs are heard and brought to life. Then we plan out our time line to make sure that everything is on schedule and all parts and material is on site before starting the job. Budgeting is another big part of the remodel process. Also, we make sure that we stay within the budget numbers and avoid any big surprises that may arise. While functionality is very important for an ADA bathroom remodel – the beauty of the design is just as vital. Creating a gorgeous ADA bathroom in the house is one of the best decisions one can make. Being in a well ADA bathroom remodel space can give off a resort like feeling, boosting confidence and lifting the mood on any day.

Our awesome clients did this ADA bathroom remodel for their mother who stays with them quite often. They were very thoughtful of deciding to convert the tub into a walk in shower to help with easy access. Because there was enough space we were able to create a bench seat. We installed a grab bar. And one of the best functions is the handheld shower wand. A handheld shower wand is the most handy item in an ADA bathroom remodel. Because you can easily maneuver it around the space that you have. It is also very helpful in cleaning the whole shower area. The design that our client created looks very lovely. Installing marble tile on shower walls and marble flower mosaic tiles on shower floor creates a splendid luxury feel. Follow the link to check out the tile we used.

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Customer Review

Miyuki Murphy

Rocklin, CA

We knew that Vitali was the right person for our job right after we met him. We had gotten several bids on our bathroom remodel, however, when we met Vitali, his honesty and expertise became evident.
Vitali and his crew always came on time, cleaned up after themselves, and were polite and respectful. He gave us a reasonable price and more importantly for us, a very reasonable timeline for completion of the project. Not only did he meet the timeline, he actually finished a little early, which was a surprise for us. We were very happy with the final product. Our bathroom is absolutely beautiful and we love it. We would highly recommend VL Tile for any bathroom remodeling projects.