Calming Coastal Modern Design

Master Bathroom Remodel

Sacramento, CA

Square Footage


Project Length

3 Weeks

Total Cost

$20,000 - 40,000

Project Description

Our client had a master bathroom that he noticed had a leaking shower pan, and a broken and leaking shower valve and shower head. The owner also really wanted a full upgrade and remodel of the whole bathroom space. The floor was an older rubber laminate and the bathroom fixtured needed to be replaced. They both also really wanted to add a free-standing tub to the room. And of course, the vanity, mirror, lights, and toilet fixtures needed replacing as well. The master bathroom leads from the master bedroom and has an exterior door that leads to the backyard pool area. The overall desire for the job was to fully remodel the master bathroom to a beautiful, modern, functional, and airy design.

When the owners decided that it was time for a remodel of the master bathroom, they wrote a post on social media to a friend’s group. Two of our previous clients who had amazing remodels done by us responded and recommended our company for their house remodel job. Once we were contacted, we quickly responded with a schedule time frame for an estimate time and date. When our professionals came out to the estimate and looked visually at the master bathroom job site, we knew that we could make this space look like a resort. We talked about all the details and job scope, and our clients were guided in their decision making of all the new items and designs. Our company stives in helping owners make the decisions that best fit their needs and budget, just like this job our clients had a set budget that we made sure to work into without putting pressure on spending more than planned on. After having a detailed appointment and a written estimate, our clients hired us to do their full master bathroom remodel. They trusted us and felt reassured by our expertise and job professionalism.

As soon as the fixtures arrived, and the tile was purchased we were excited to start the job. The demolition process is always so satisfying and once the area is cleared out it makes visualizing the final product so much clearer. After demolition, the same day we do full cleaning of the area – we take all the trash away from the site, making sure that there is no debris left anywhere and so that no one gets hurt. The process of the remodel went by smoothly because our experts took the time to make sure that everything is prepped correctly – the floors and walls were opened up to the studs and joists to make sure that all electrical, plumbing, heating and air, and supports were done in the exact spots where fixtures will be installed. All new plumbing, electrical, heating and air were installed making sure that the whole new bathroom functions safely and efficiently. After preparation, closing the walls and floor is an easy job. For this master bathroom we rearranged the toilet and shower to make room for the free-standing tub. We built a custom shower pan with slope, drain, and curb, and a custom shower wall niche to any size that fits well for the clients. Tile and grout were installed on shower pan, shower walls, bathroom floor, and tub surrounding walls. The best thing for shower walls is to lay the tile from floor to ceiling. The tile colors and patterns are so beautiful and airy while coming together to give off a coastal beach house vibe. We really loved the theme that our clients went with. Afterwards, custom ordered cabinets were installed that fit perfectly on one wall with a double sink vanity, makeup counter, and a linen closet. For the completion of the job, we installed gold cabinet handles, sink faucets, gold trim mirror, gold vanity light, towel bars and towel hooks, tub filler and regulator, shower head and shower valve, and floating shelves. Last touch up was the paint of the walls, ceiling, and baseboards. The finished product was breathtaking and pitch perfect! This exceptional master bathroom remodel is a coastal modern design which is ultra calming featuring blues, whites, gold, and wood hues and finishes, and carrying high quality products and labor.

Remodeling your home should be a joyous experience where you can express your style and create a personalized home of your dreams, and we can help!

Customer Review

Katherine S

Sacramento, CA

We’re so glad we found and hired Vitali and his team to remodel our master bathroom. He provided us with prompt and through communication from the beginning to the end of the project and answered my many questions. He was careful to make sure he understood everything we wanted done and checked in with us throughout the remodel to make personal design choices. Vitali has incredible attention to detail and the finished product is exactly what we dreamed of. He finished on time and on budget and there were no surprises. We would definitely hire VL Tile again!