To sell or hold back, what’s best?

Your Citrus Heights residence is not just any property—it’s your cherished home, having seen your care and investment over the years. Like many, you might find yourself contemplating whether it’s time to list it on the market. While we don’t claim we know it all, we do pride ourselves on being attuned to the real estate market. Citrus Heights, CA, is emerging as a safe town that is home to over 30,000 people and we’re proud to be a part of that population! If you’re looking to profit from selling your home, you might want to compare and contrast that with the benefits of a Citrus Heights remodel. We’re of the viewpoint that undertaking a specialized Citrus Heights kitchen renovation or a bathroom remodel can bring about lasting value, more than an immediate sale might. Dive into these five steps to leverage your property’s maximum potential through remodeling.

1. understand the local climate

Redfin shows that the average Citrus Heights house sale price has dipped by 1.6% from the previous year, with total sales experiencing a 43.8% decrease. This indicates a reduced demand for houses in Citrus Heights compared to the past. Today’s median-priced house in Citrus Heights might not fetch the returns you might’ve seen in 2022. Our advice? Be patient and wait for the tide to turn, bringing higher prices.

2. check out the rates

Per Mortgage Reports, mortgage interest rates have skyrocketed. A current 30-year mortgage rate hovers between 7-8%, a stark contrast from the 3% at the start of 2022. With dropping Citrus Heights property prices but ballooning interest rates, potential buyers might end up shelling out more than a year ago. High interest rates, combined with today’s prices, seem to be steering away the typical Citrus Heights buyer. We anticipate this trend might hold until there’s a downward shift in rates.

3. identify your objectives

Each of us has unique motivations behind a move. Be it the quest for a larger space for an expanding family or the allure of new views. It’s imperative to understand your motivations. If Citrus Heights continues to be your city of choice and relocation is off the table, weigh the financial advantages of enhancing your existing property. Transforming frequently used areas like the kitchen and bathroom can drastically alter your home’s living experience. If they’ve been left unchanged for over a decade, a professional touch can elevate your living standards exponentially.

Comprehensive renovations might set you back $10-50k, sure. But when compared with the cost of a brand-new property, it doesn’t match up with the hundreds of thousands of dollars. If your plan involves staying put in Citrus Heights for the foreseeable future and contemplating a sale later, it’s worth investing in a renovation now. A revamped house can fetch a heftier sum when you eventually decide to list it.

4. Seek out a Professional citrus heights Remodel

Your choice of contractor for your kitchen or bathroom remodel in Citrus Heights will significantly impact your contentment in the years to come. As you scout for a Citrus Heights contractor, keep in mind:

  • Online Feedback & Personal Reviews: Do they reflect a good reputation? Any significant issues to be watchful of?
  • Project Portfolio: Does their work portfolio inspire confidence? Or is its absence a red flag?
  • Professional Communication: Is the team prompt and personable? Or do you feel lost in the crowd of customers?
  • Attention to Detail: Does their representative show genuine interest in your project specifics during evaluations? Or do they seem disinterested and generic?
  • Branding and First Impressions: A robust online presence and brand aesthetics often reflect a company’s commitment to excellence. What’s your takeaway?

Zeroing in on a skilled Citrus Heights contractor offering a hassle-free renovation experience can be challenging. These pointers can help steer you towards the right direction to a successful Citrus Heights kitchen remodel or Citrus Heights bathroom remodel.

5.  make the decision

After weighing your options, all that’s left is to seal the deal with the tile specialists at VL Tile. Recognized as one of Citrus Heights’ premier tile specialists, our portfolio boasts numerous local home transformations. With VL Tile, you’re sure to get competitive pricing, unbridled meticulousness, and a passion for perfection. We aim to elevate your Citrus Heights home with a renovations that not only enhance its appeal but also amp up its market value.

Your professional Citrus Heights tile contractor is ready to transform your living space into a beautiful reality that you can enjoy every day. A professional Citrus Heights kitchen remodel, Citrus Heights bathroom remodel, Citrus Heights fireplace remodel, or Citrus Heights floor installation that offers you both beauty and practicality is only a click away.

Interested? Drop us a message, and our team will connect soon! We’re committed to delivering unmatched service, from start to finish!